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Luckily Phil is just a phone call away, too bad you can't expect your ex boyfriend to comfort you in times like these.

Dan and Phil were each about to turn eighteen and get their soulmate tattoo, revealing to them the first words they’d hear their soulmate say.

There is some violence but it's not terribly graphic, there is also some depiction of gore but not in lingering technicolour.

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Friends, rivals and strangers join together for a reality tv experience that no one could have predicted.

It is fairly obvious to anyone who listens to his show that he hasn't had sex since Carter was in office.

Among his many claims is his mass knowledge in relationships from his job as a "US Intelligence Trained Seduction Specialist".

Gary's scheme is he teaches you how to become an Alpha Male and get teh pussy.

The problem is he is an ancient steroid taking hypocrite who sells you over priced DVDs, potions, pheromones, oils, etc.

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