Sam claflin and astrid berges frisbey dating

But it’s really left very open-ended, and it’s amazing that so many people have asked the same question.”“I quite like the element of surprise,” Claflin continued, “and as much as I have my ideas, I always appreciate ideas that come from other people as well, and I love the mystery of not knowing.The exciting thing is that I didn’t really have anything to do with creating this character.I’ll never forget because on the last day of filming after they yelled cut I literally wolfed down three donuts,” Sam said. Astrid, 24, plays a mermaid in the film and said that the special effects in the film make it look perfect.“Working with Rob Marshall is interesting in the sense that he is very meticulous, and he wants everything to look so real. The whole journey from the very beginning, from audition one to right this second has been a joy ride, I can’t quite believe that I’m here. That was my first day shooting as well and I am not the most confident of people so the insecurities definitely came out with guns blazing.

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When Sam Claflin got a call from his agent saying that he had an audition for the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, his initial response was “What’s the point?They are produced with such a budget, so my experience in America has been something very particular, not all films are this big or involve as many people as this film did. They select English people for American roles, Australians for English, it’s a very open field. I worked with the best vocal coaches and it was really interesting.I learned a little English on the set, and luckily my accent isn’t so strong because I can pick up languages.On working with veteran actors such as Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Ian Mcshane and Penelope Cruz, Claflin reflected that:“Everyone approaches the text very differently.Everyone approaches the characters very differently. Seeing Geoffrey walking around (even off-set) with a crutch and a peg leg trying to get into the mode of walking was incredible.

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