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On May 9, 2013 at GMT, the channel began broadcasting a documentary about Russian history "History", of which had also entered the TV package "Digital TV".

On April 4, 2014 the VGTRK officially began broadcasting a channel dedicated to domestic detective films and TV series under the name of "Russian Detective".

On June 21, 1990 the 1st Congress of People's Deputies adopts a resolution on RSFSR media ascribing the RSFSR Council of Ministers take measures to establish the Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of the RSFSR.

On July 14, 1990 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR's decree establishes the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

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It includes cognitive, sports, entertainment and movie channels, of which are "Russian-HD", "My Planet", "Science 2.0", "Sport", "Sport-1-HD", "Fight Club", "The Russian Novel", "Russian Bestseller", and "Dress".

It first began broadcasting on a radio channel with the first program of All-Union Radio, as well as with "Mayak" radio channel and the third with the Third All-Union Radio program.

Since the beginning of 1991 "Radio Russia" was broadcast only on the third radio channel with the radio channel "Youth".

On September 16, 1991 the Second Program of USSR Central Television closed and airtime on the second VHF channel had started.

On July 6, 1992, the fourth channel started broadcasting to Russian universities, and broadcast with the 4th channel, Ostankino, until January 16, 1994, and from January 17, 1994, with the NTV channel, and as a part RTR state television which had created the "Russian Universities" feed.

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