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While Jupiter was in Libra, protests sparked over everything from racist travel bans to draconian healthcare bills to white supremacists defending relics of human slavery.Pussy hats became 2017’s first fashion statement—no catwalk required.In the face of these polarizing energies, people have united in epic ways, rallying for marches in major cities and through the comic relief of Twitter clapbacks.(That cup of #covfefe is best served cold.) And while some have chosen to remain divided and intolerant, huge swaths of the population have aligned across differences—joined by shared outrage over civil and human rights abuses, and assaults to the democracy that Libra holds dear.Fetishwear could find its way into fashion again (time to put Madonna’s Sex book back on the coffee table) and certain taboos about kink could all but disappear.Reproductive rights, which have been a hot-button issue for the past year for both the right and left, will continue to swell in importance. Wade will be huge stumping issues for the 2018 mid-term elections.Protect Your Design Using Crypto-Strong Authentication Secured with a Physically Unclonable Function (PUF).Maxim's DS28E38 delivers protection against invasive physical attacks while remaining cost-effective.

While Jupiter was in Libra, we wanted things fair and democratic.This broke open the floodgates for women to share about all the ways we silently endure this kind of treatment—and are silenced, diminished and dismissed when we report it.Truth-telling Jupiter in secretive Scorpio immediately charged in to confront toxic masculinity, patriarchal abuses of power and the ways we’ve all been complicit with this systematized abuse by looking the other way.A recent New York magazine article even declared activism “the new rock ‘n roll.”From October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018, Jupiter descends into the swirling, secretive and sensual waters of Scorpio.This could ignite a different kind of revolution—and it might be a sexual one.

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