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Broadway2Broadway was funded by Tufts Civic Engagement Institute at the Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, The Civic Engagement Fund, "provides support for students who want to create projects that help the community," said Coplan."For a two week period in October 2008, she wrote letters to individuals in the Drama Department, Education Department, History Department and Child Development, all of whom provided additional assistance.These kids are suddenly being encouraged to let their inner actor/singer/dancer shine," said Coplan.

Two students, Michelle Wilson ('12) and Carolyn Berliner ('11) came to WSNS and showed clips from the Audrey Hepburn film and discussed the socio-economic breakdown of London.At present, student plays are not in the works for Broadway2Broadway.However, Coplan anticipates that the program will reach that goal in the future.Surprisingly, Coplan is not a theater major, but a Philosophy major."I have very little background in theater...I starred in a few school plays, but I'm mostly just a musical theater buff," she said.

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