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Allen Andreas of Archer Daniels Midland was able to take home almost million in executive compensation last year. There are still corporations out there that actually have to provide goods and services to their consumers in order to survive. For just billion a year the federal government is able to provide a better life for these CEO’s and their families. Financial aid, such as a subsidy, provided by a government to specific individuals.That’s less than the cost of 240 million cups of coffee a day. When one thinks about government welfare, the first thing that comes to mind is the proverbial welfare queen sitting atop her majestic throne of government cheese issuing a royal decree to her clamoring throngs of illegitimate babies that they may shut the hell up while she tries to watch Judge Judy. Imagine what it would feel like just before Christmas to find out that you’re going to be forced to scrape by on your standard .4 million compensation package alone. Consider, for a moment the sorrow in the eyes of a CEO who’s just found out that his end-of-year bonus is only going to be a paltry .3 million.“It felt like a slap in the face.Whenever corporate welfare is presented to voters, it always sounds like a pretty reasonable, well-intended idea.

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Regardless, the success of this reform was pretty dramatic. Once individuals were required to work or undertake constructive activities as a condition of receiving aid they left welfare rapidly.

Someone’s got to help struggling family farms stay afloat, right?

But in reality, farm subsidies actually tilt the cotton field in favor of the largest industrial farming operations.

When it comes to deciding how to dole out the money, the agricultural subsidy system utilizes a process that is essentially the opposite of that used in the social welfare system’s welfare system.

In the corporate welfare system, the more money and assets you have, the more government assistance you get.

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