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They’re not really “relationship goals” type photos and content, but they were stuff that mattered to us on some level, and which I felt painted a picture of what our relationship values were — family and fun.We don’t travel or club or take selfies at our happening dates at the hottest cafés and bars, but on Between, we didn’t have anyone to impress (or offend). This was probably the only task I didn’t complete, but only because my app completely glitched out when I tried to send a voice message.Do you remember the day you first met, your first anniversary, or a special trip together?These special moments, no matter how small, are all important in your relationship.That’s right, the cutesy sticker-filled app full of sap and love and #relationshipgoals, where couples collate photos, have a private chat space, and countdown to every one of their anniversaries. While my boyfriend and I are pretty comfortable in our relationship, big shows of affection are a turn off.The cutesy stickers and the compilation of our photos to gather our memories seemed awkward, unnecessary, and almost narcissistic.It’s probably because I’m on the i OS 9 beta (damn you!

So awkward, in fact, that we ended up having a sticker war in the comments section, where I think the collaboration/communication was supposed to take place. There weren’t other “events” to share, so we started sharing random photos, like pictures of my sister’s cat, a stupid chat conversation we had, and videos we had of us randomly messing around.

Save and track all your special days and moments on Between, and never forget them.

That was the challenge set out to me by Joash Wee, General Manager at VCNC, the company behind the Korean couples app Between.

Couple apps were all those things and much more, and the thought of using it for two whole weeks made me cringe.

But someone had challenged me to 14 days on the app, and I was adamant to hate it.

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