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Steamed dumplings are very typical of the Czech and Slovak kitchens. They are little tedious to prepare (since you need to wait for the dough to rise) but will give your dish quite a different character.

Unfortunately, the main ingredient, bryndza cheese, is not widely available in the United States and must be special ordered. Finally, Slovaks love to eat rezeň, meaning breaded steak or schnitzel.It highlights some of my favorite dishes, with links to the recipes.It will also give you an idea of the kinds of dishes you may expect to find in a typical Slovak restaurant.After the conquest of Pannonia, Osijek, known at the time as Mursa, was under the administration and protection of the Roman 7th legion which maintained a military castrum at the colony and a bridge over the river Drava.Roman emperor Hadrian raised the old settlement of Mursa to a colony with special privileges in 131.

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