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Data is available on the fourth business day of each month. For the years 1953-1996 only the MSPD in its entirety is available in PDF format.

For the years 1869-1952, the copies or extracts of the MSPD are from the Treasury Library's collection.

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Youll also find that were able to provide current month issued amounts as well as current month redeemed amounts for the majority of our nonmarketable Treasury securities.

These are just a few of the changes, so take a look, and enjoy our new and improved MSPD!

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Items 11 and 12: Enter the requested information for two adults with different U. addresses who do not live with you and who have known you for at least three years.We’ll collaborate with and help other government organizations raise the level of their performance.We're starting a new section on our website where we'll blog about many of our programs and initiatives, calling out facts, figures and information that you may not have heard before. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form. allows the public to analyze and gain insight into federal government accounting, revenue collection, debt management, payment information, and other functions through an expanding inventory of interactive reports, graphics, and Fiscal Service datasets.If your mailing address is a post office box or general delivery, you must list both your permanent address and your mailing address.If you do not have a permanent street address or rural route number and box number, provide the physical location of your residence.

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