Aqaba oil terminal tinder dating site

While most economic activity in Jordan is concentrat-ed in Amman, the southern city of Aqaba is playing an increasingly significant role.The city sits at the Red Sea’s north-eastern tip and roughly 300 km to the south of the capital.Phase I of the AIIE covers 60 ha of land that has already been com-pleted and sold, as per figures by PBI Aqaba.

An administratively and financially independ-ent organisation, the ASEZ Authority (ASEZA) is respon-sible for the management and development of the free zone.This should help in efforts to develop the city’s social infrastructure, making Aqaba a more attractive place not just for indus-trial investors, but also artists and academics.One area where many local industrial and logistics firms have set up facilities is the Aqaba International Industrial Estate (AIIE).The Aqaba Port areas are made up of several elements: a bulk cargo terminal known as the Main Port; a set of container ter-minals referred to as the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) and an industrial port in the southern part of the port area.Combined, the three facilities cover a total land area of 1.7m sq metres and a total sea area of more than 380,000 sq metres, according to the Aqaba Ports Corporation (APC).

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