Adults intimidating children

Preteens and adolescents are the most vulnerable to cultural messages, and the message they are getting says that if you’re weak, if you’re alone, you lose.

Don’t kid yourself; this is not wasted on our youth.

Now let’s say you have a child who, for whatever reason, has poor problem-solving skills. Instead of having to deal with his emotions and overcome whatever given obstacle is in his path, that child uses acting-out behavior, aggressive behavior and abusive behavior so that somebody else has to solve his problems him.

In effect, using this acting out, aggressive or abusive behavior becomes his problem-solving skill.

But abusive children cross a line when they start attacking people verbally, demeaning others, or threatening to harm themselves—or someone else.

They place less responsibility on their child to pick up after himself.This is a very dangerous pattern for a child to develop.How Defiance Develops in Your Child When we raise our children, we are teaching them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether we think they’re learning from us or not. What parents don’t always understand is that chronic defiance in children develops over time, after certain lessons are learned and it can start very early on.If they don’t have the tools to deal with these uncomfortable feelings, they resort to name-calling, threats and verbal abuse of those around them.It is my firm belief that kids also threaten their parents because in our culture today, power has become the solution for the problems people face.

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